Van-Van Spiritual Oil
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Hoodoo Roots brand VAN-VAN Oil draws Luck, Love, and Money as it cleanses and purifies with it's lovely, lemon-y scent! VAN-VAN truly is "the fragrant soul of New Orleans"!

I searched high and low to find the sweetest and purest organic essential oils for this formula, from harvests around the world. I sincerely believe this to be the finest, most effective, and most appealing Van-Van I have ever experienced.

Wear as a personal fragrance, add to your bath, dab on a hankie and tuck into your bodice! May luck and sunshine follow you!


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1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


IMPORTANT: Please understand that HoodooRoots products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. While I formulate with knowledge and love, wish you the best, and am confident that you will enjoy your purchase, no purveyor of spiritual supplies can guarantee specific magical results in every possible situation.

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Van-Van Spiritual Oil

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