Stay With Me Spiritual Oil
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Think he's the One, and want him to stay?
Love her to pieces, and don't want to let her go?
Do you just want to give your relationship the time it needs to work?

STAY WITH ME Oil is designed to encourage sweet, warm, happy,
tender feelings, the kinds of feelings that make him or her want to stay!

Increases comfort, desire, romance, and friendly, compatible,
committed relations.

Wear as a personal fragrance, add to candles, dab on a handkerchief
and tuck into your bodice or pocket!  Add to bath and lingerie rinse-water!

Subtle yet effective, think of our STAY WITH ME as Love Insurance!

I wish you a long-lasting, happy relationship!

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)



Important:  As always, Hoodoo Roots products are high quality magical TOOLS. They yield the most benefit when used with your own intention, focus and ritual.

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Stay With Me Spiritual Oil

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