Second Sight Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powder
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Everyone has a greater capacity for intuitive perception!  Second Sight Spiritual products are formulated of organic botanicals and essences which have traditionally been recognized as having properties which can encourage the development of one's innate sixth sense.

Whether your intuitive information comes through meditation, dreams, clairvoyant visions, gut instinct, or simple knowing, this fine formula can assist in the development of a deeper and surer data flow.

Hoodoo Roots Second Sight Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powder is made of the very purest Organic roots, herbs and other botanicals. I add a very small quantity of pure minerals, which I grind to the texture of pure velvet, then carefully and meticulously blend these fine powders with my beautifully scented Organic essential oil Second Sight formula. Because I care about your health, these Powders contain no talc whatsoever.

Hoodoo Roots Spiritual Sachet Powders are packaged in charming vintage paper shakers, covered with luxurious, pearlescent metallic papers and beautifully labeled.

Dust on yourself after your bath and whenever you wish to focus on increasing your instinctive intuitive abilities.

Shake a little into your hands, focus and pray, then blow to each of the four directions with a prayer for an increase in perception, clairvoyance, and understanding! Blow into your environment to finely and evenly disperse this fine formula.

Dust a little onto your hands before shaking hands with or touching someone whom you wish to be able to read and understand more thoroughly.

Dust onto your bedding and clothing! Use wherever and whenever you wish, to help yourself to deepen your own intuitive abilities and experiences.

i especially like to use these fine Powders as a final finishing touch on candles which have first been anointed with my Oils. For Second Sight endeavors, I suggest light blue, purple, lavender, or even black candles. Of course, white is also always appropriate. Try these techniques for yourself!

1.75 oz. - sold by weight rather than volume.


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Second Sight Spiritual Sachet & Dusting Powder

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