Seal The Deal Spiritual Oil
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SEAL THE DEAL is a good, practical formula containing herbs, roots, and pure botanical essences which have long been recognized as helping parties to agree, to commit, and to keep their promises. This formula is useful in many situations. Those who work in sales or who otherwise arrange for or broker agreements may find this product line to be most helpful. Remember that “A stitch in time saves nine”!

Use SEAL THE DEAL to minimize problems arising from broken agreements and lukewarm commitments.


1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


IMPORTANT: Please understand that my products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. While I formulate with knowledge and love, wish you the best, and am confident that you will enjoy your purchase, no purveyor of spiritual supplies can guarantee specific magical results in every possible situation.

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Seal The Deal Spiritual Oil

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