Savings Account Spiritual Oil
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This fine Savings Account formula is a Hoodoo Roots original, designed to support and augment your own ritual work. This fine Spiritual Sachet Powder is a finely made ritual TOOL.

Savings Account formula is made to assist those who wish to save their money, reduce their spending, and generally manage their income so that they are able to save.  This requires attention and diligence on your part, of course, but this Savings Account formula was made to help!

Pure, subtle, and vibrationally strong. Fine organic essential oils selected from harvests around the world are combined with with potent organic roots, herbs, flowers, all formulated with focus and intention at the precise right time for your ritual success! 

Wear as a soft, subtle personal fragrance, anoint green, gold, silver, and orange candles, add to baths and laundry rinse water, very carefully anoint correspondence relating to finance, anoint billfolds, checkbooks and savings account books, cash registers, and other appropriate items. 


1/2 oz.

Please note that many animals are extremely sensitive to essential oils, much more so than humans are.  Please do not use my formulas on them.


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Savings Account Spiritual Oil

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