Saint Expedite Spiritual Oil
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For Quick Results, Immediate Action, Spiritual Aid - For Help In A Hurry -


St. Expedite is recognized by people in many different lands as an incredibly speedy Miracle Worker.  He has a reputation for delivering when time is short and the water is rising!

Are you in a tight fix?  Do you truly need immediate action?  Pressing circumstances such as these are St. Expedite's forte!  Call upon him for spiritual aid when time is of the essence!

I always recommend that anyone drawn to calling upon a particular saint work to develop a relationship with that saint.  Flowers, a candle, prayers not only when in desperate need, and spreading the world about the goodness and holy responsiveness of a saint are all part of that relationship.  St. Expedite in particular usually receives red candles, though some prefer yellow.  Flowers are always appropriate.   St. Expedite is said to particularly appreciate a slice of pound cake once your prayers have been answered.  Do not forget to thank him once he's come through for you!

Use this wonderful spiritual oil to anoint red candles burned for St. Expedite!  Add a few drops to the molten wax pool!  Wear as a personal fragrance while working with him, and to encourage his presence around you!  Mix with water and mist around your altar or in any environment in which his help is needed!  Dab onto your handkerchief and tuck into your bodice or pocket, to carry the vibration of this wonderful oil with you throughout the day!

I recommend using all forms of my formulas - Spiritual Baths, Spiritual Sachet Powders, Spiritual Oils, and Spiritual Mists - to experience the utmost advantage.

As always, my formulas are 100% natural!  Only the very highest and purest of organic and all-natural ingredients are used.  All of my aromatics are botanical, never artificial - because I recognize that this makes a difference.  Authenticity Matters!

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


Many animals are much more sensitive to essential oils than humans are.  Please don't use my formulas on animals.

IMPORTANT: Please understand that my products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. I formulate with knowledge and love, wish you the best, but no purveyor of spiritual supplies can guarantee your precise magical result.  Nevertheless I am confident that you will enjoy your purchase, and thank you kindly for your order!

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Saint Expedite Spiritual Oil

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