Money Drawing Spiritual Oil
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Everyone likes money, but money doesn't always seem to return the favor! 
Are you attractive to money?   Does it enjoy finding it's way into your possession, or do you find yourself a little stressed over it's irregular appearance? 

Is there nothing wrong with you that a little extra cash wouldn't fix? 

If so, why not try my traditional Money Drawing Oil?

This wonderful, all-natural formula is redolent of pine, fir, and all of the rich fragrant notes of a deep forest on a golden summer day, as the sun pours down like honey onto the trees, and the woods are alive with beauty.  Long used as an aid to improving financial matters!

Apply as a personal fragrance!  Add to your bath!  Add a few drops to your laundry rinse water.  Add a few drops to your household scrub water!  Anoint candles!  Dab on your wallet and checkbook!  A Magical Aid for the Pocketbook!

Money Drawing Oil can be combined with any of my other fine formulas to create oils custom-tailored to your needs!

May your pockets always jingle with change, may your wallet always be full, and may you all enjoy very healthy bank accounts!  May you and yours be blessed!

I suggest using all of these fine Money Drawing products, for the greatest benefit!

As always, Hoodoo Roots products contain no artificial fragrance chemicals whatsoever. I use only the very highest and purest of natural ingredients. There is a real difference, and authenticity matters! You are worth nothing less!

1/2 oz.  (15 ml.)


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Money Drawing Spiritual Oil

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