Love Me Spiritual Oil
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Hoodoo Roots Love Me Oil is an old formula, sweet, tender and true!  Long used to increase romantic opportunities and to magnify romantic responses!  I usually see this formula employed by those who have their eye on a very Special Someone, but it can also be used to call love to those who haven't a specific person in mind.  LOVE ME has earned it’s well-deserved reputation of drawing reciprocal, true love from the one desired to the sincere user.

The subtle, beautiful fragrance of Love Me magically and magnetically amplifies one's romantic appeal, drawing interest and willing hearts.  I recommend this formula to those who long for more depth, more tenderness, more sweetness in their relationship, and for those who wish to marry!

Wear as a lovely, subtle personal fragrance!  Brush a few drops into your hair!  Anoint pink, red, and orange candles with this beautiful oil, and add a few drops to the molten wax pool!  Add a few drops to your bath!  Add a few drops to your laundry rinse water, particularly when washing your lingerie and bedding!  Add to water and mist into your environment, particularly your bedroom, and into any area where you encounter the one you love!  Soon they too may happily acknowledge, as so many have before them, that Resistance is Futile!

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)


IMPORTANT: Please understand that Hoodoo Roots products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. While I formulate with knowledge and love, wish you the best, and am confident that you will enjoy your purchase, no purveyor of spiritual supplies can guarantee specific magical results in every possible situation.   As with all Hoodoo Roots products, Love Me is a high quality magical TOOL, which will serve you best when combined with your own determination, focus, intention and ritual!

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Love Me Spiritual Oil

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