John The Conqueror Spiritual Oil
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HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR is a very traditional hoodoo formula long employed by those wishing to strongly enhance their personal power, luck and success, natural dominance, strong sexual magnetism, vigor and stamina, overall vitality, and good cheer. Read more about this Hoodoo Roots formula


Would you like to increase your confidence and personal power?  To have that certain something that just keeps you winning in life?  My High John the Conqueror formula is designed to encourage just such attractive, cheerful, lucky, and enterprising qualities!

Last but not least, this formula is the secret of many who possess that sexy edge which draws admiring glances and success in romance! 

A natural wonder for men - great for giving women that boost of confidence too!

This is a very high quality, finely made magical TOOL for your ritual purposes.  Best results are achieved when combined with your own focus, intention, etc.

Wear this aromatic, earthy, slightly smoky scent as a subtle personal fragrance!  Add to candles - we suggest red, for courage, passion, and success!  Dab a bit on a handkerchief and carry in your pocket!  Add to your bath water!  Add to your laundry rinse water!


1/2 ounce (15 ml.)

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John The Conqueror Spiritual Oil

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