Hear Spirit Spiritual Oil
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Hear Spirit™ Anointing Oil is formulated to encourage one's awareness of Spirit.  This fine Oil is designed to help fine-tune accurate reception of spiritual messages and the correct interpretation of signs.  This is one of my fine formulas designed to gently support in the user an increase in their spiritual and psychic perceptions.  

I do not believe that psychic gifts develop in a vacuum, nor do I believe that psychic gifts should be sought on their own without attention to growing one's spirit overall.  I truly feel that these are a side-effect of spiritual development, and should not be exclusively focused upon.  Nevertheless, in the context of an overall commitment to spiritual development, this formula can be a lovely and supportive aid.  I strongly suggest that this formula be used in combination with regular, sincere, deep prayer, and with active spiritual practices such as meditation.

Anoint candles with this lovely formula!  Add a few drops to the molten wax pool!  Mix with a little water - I like holy water for this purpose - and mist onto yourself, or into your home environment, particularly into those areas where you strive to communicate with Spirit.  Place a few drops onto your handkerchief, and tuck into your bodice or pocket, to keep this lovely vibration with you throughout the day!  Areas where divination is performed may be misted with good effect.  Cards or other tools may also benefit by being lightly misted.  Religious symbols may also be anointed with this formula with good results.  Add a few drops into a bowl of water, and float candles or flowers within it to create an atmosphere of peace and spiritual openness.

As always, I use the very finest organic ingredients, and source the world for the purest and loveliest of natural and organic aromatics.  I will never, ever use artificial chemical scents in my spiritual products.  I recognize that Authenticity Matters!

I always recommend using all available forms of my formulas - Spiritual Baths, Spiritual Oils, and Spiritual Sachet Powders - for the most thorough results.

1/2 ounce (15 ml.)

As always, our formulas are 100% natural!


IIMPORTANT: Please understand that my products reflect traditional ethno-botanical beliefs regarding the subtle properties of herbs and essences. I formulate with knowledge and love and I wish you the best, but no purveyor of spiritual supplies can guarantee your precise magical result. 

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Hear Spirit Spiritual Oil

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